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Animals Australia: the voice for animals
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Friday, May 05, 2006

Great Aussie Scone Fest

Janet over at The Old Foodie has entered into correspondence on the topic of scones.

Well now Miss Eagle,

I have just posted an addendum ("Above and beyond") to today's post "Colonial Kosher", as a result of the comments from Gillian Pollack (her comment was just before yours on the shark/mullet story) at - she has put up a batch of scone recipes from her Jewish grandmother's cookbook. Now dont you just have to get out your Schauer and post her scone(s) recipe? - she must have at least a couple? You might start the Great Aussie Scone Recipe Fest. In any case, you are duty bound - with the name of your blog and all - to find a pumpkin scone recipe for the rest of the world. I await it eagerly. Janet
Please note: Miss Eagle has used a pumpkin colour for The Old Foodie's letter.

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