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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We've been going bananas! Now we're normal

!Bananas are back!

Banana prices are now returning to normal
I can now afford to buy multiple bananas
instead of one or two occasionally!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vintage Baking Skills, Vintage Cookbooks and Barbara Russell at Kallista Community House

The season is creeping up on us again.  Advent Sunday is almost here.  This is when the excitement starts. At church, the Advent wreath comes out and with it the first candle...and each Sunday a candle is lit for four Sundays and then....

But before then the cooks and the crafty ones are about their business. Barbara Russell will be at Kallista Community House in the Dandenong Ranges just east of Melbourne on 27 November to impart wonderful Vintage Baking Skills.

For those who aren't familiar with Barbara, you may recall that I posted recently about the wonderful Vintage Cookbooks.  Barbara is the person responsible for those shelves of cookbooks of yesteryear, so who better to impart the traditions of Christmases past to those who want to enhance their Christmas celebrations. Enrol now and starting putting on your apron!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Mellah Mum

Over at Miscellaneous Mum, Karen is indulging herself with Chocolate Mousse.  For me, chocolate mousse always brings back memories from my long ago childhood in the 1950s of what may be one of Australia's first 'instant' desserts, Mellah.  You can pop down to the comments of Karen's post to see my comment.  Mellah used to be advertised on the radio with a child saying More Mellah Mum.

I went searching the net for Mellah and there is barely a mention - but I did find this...
Click to enlarge

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Vintage Cookbooks and Miss Schauer

I have recently discovered the wonderful Vintage Cookbooks at Kallista in the Dandenong Ranges just east of Melbourne.  Now, Vintage Cookbooks are open only three days a week - so you can't always take advantage of those bookshelves jam-packed with cookery treasures.  However, you can shop at their site on line any time you like.  Books have pictures and extensive descriptions.  However, remember that you are entering the world of collectibles and items are priced accordingly.

The standard of the treasure impressed me because - guess what? - they have an old, old, copy of Miss Schauer's Cookery Book looking nothing like the photograph on this blog. 

Click to enlarge