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Monday, May 08, 2006

Lord preserve us

My local parish church is St Thom's and every few months they have a street stall at the Maxi Supermarket at Upper Ferntree Gully. It is something and is organised by the indefatigible fundraiser in chief, Gwen Brideson. Three tables. One table was burdened with beautiful knits and crafts. A second table groaned with delights from the kitchen. The third had the piece-de-resistance, the raffle of Rosemary Sendin's Mother's Day cake. Miss Eagle made a valiant effort to win this, purchasing quite a few tickets. But the winner was Iola Tilley - without whom St Thom's would probably fall down - who has more counts towards motherhood than Miss Eagle. But Miss Eagle always heads for the preserves. This time - with a vision of all those scones to be baked and tested for the Great Aussie Scone Fest - your author was even more focussed than usual. Miss Eagle does not bother to make her favourite Plum Jam anymore. Bett Connop's is a delight and this time it was made from Blood Plums. The other purchases all came from the kitchen of the elegant Eve Nielsen and, as you will see Dear Reader, her jams and chutneys are elegant as well. Six jars of Eve's produce came back to The Trad Pad: Apple and Sage Chutney; Nectarine and Peach Chutney; Lemon and Fennel Jelly; Fig and Ginger Jam; Gooseberry and Plum Jelly; and Blackberry Jam.


Kelvin said...

Kia Ora (Hello) from that krazy blogger across the ditch. Every man & his dog (and woman) loves scones !!! I will try and find a recipe I have - somewhere - which has a can of lemonade in the ingredients. Would you be interested in been member of my foodie blog ? send me an email if you wish.
All the best.

The Old Foodie said...

Well Miss Eagle, I thought I had found the perfect contribution in a book called "The Australasian Cookery Book .. specially written and compiled for the requirements of Australian and New Zealand Homes" (is about 1910 vintage)
The recipe is for Pineapple Scones.

"these are made in the same way as banana scones, using grated pineapple insted of the banana."

Only minor issue is that there is not a banana scone recipe in the book. Looks like I'll have to experiment, but will be on holiday 12-29th so it might be belated!

Miss Eagle said...

Dear Old Foodie, I can wait. Pineapple scones sound wonderful. As a former Queenslander, I will eventually touch on pineapple with the Frangipani Pie and how to use it when cooking Corned Beef. I have checked to see if Miss Schauer had a recipe for Banana Scones - but alas, no luck. I look forward to your adventures with Pineapple Scones and the Great Aussie Scone Fest Mystery of the Banana Scones.I will post on your difficulties in case there is a reader who can assist.