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Friday, April 28, 2006

Jam or Sherry?

The Old Foodie and Miss Eagle have passed some correspondence on the topic of Saucer Cheese Cake. Miss Eagle's original reference is here. Then Jane from yarnstorm helped out and the reference is here. The Old Foodie says

saucer cheesecakes were simply cheesecakes baked on saucers - there are saucer pies and tarts too. In the old days people didnt have so many cooking pans as we have now, so they used whatever they had, and saucers were useful to use up small amounts of pastry. I am not sure if it is a particularly northern England expression.

and then she later replied with this:

I was just researching an article on puddings for a bakery magazine, and found this, in Cassell's Shilling Cookery (an English cookbook) from 1888
Saucer Pudding
(suitable for a child or invalid)
Mix a teaspoonful of flour to a smooth paste with a little cold milk,
and stir into this as much boiling milk
as will make up the quantity to a teacupful,
Let the liquor cool, then add a well-beaten egg
and a little sugar and flavourings.
Pour the preparation into a large buttered saucer,
and bake in a well-heated oven.
When done enough, turn the pudding upon a plate,
and serve with jam, or a little sherry if preferred.
Time to bake, twenty minutes. Sufficient for one person.

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