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Friday, May 18, 2007

Vicious Ange's Kluski Soup

This post was put up two days ago. Miss Eagle is bringing it to the top again because the Photo Friday challenge is "Large". For why this qualifies, please see Ange's remarks in the Comments.
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Delicious! Miss Eagle has made the Kluski Soup recipe from Vicious Ange.
It is simple! And the dumplings just the best ever!
Miss E had always made dumplings like scones.
Never again - after this lovely, light, eggy dough.
Thank you, Ange - and thanks to your Mum and Grandma.

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Ange said...

I'm glad that I have given this recipe for others to enjoy too though I think I may have been a bit too generous on the size of dumpling mixture you drop in and now you have giant dumplings but if thats how you like them then dont changee a thing!