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Monday, May 14, 2007

North Point Cafe - canine friendly, but less so

As mentioned in the previous post, the North Point Cafe across from the beach at 2b North Road, Brighton is a puppy friendly eaterie. But, thanks to the Bayside City Council, it is not as puppy friendly as once it was.
Time was when one could sit outside in the paved area under the piazza umbrellas with one's dog beside the chair or under the table. This was a great experience. Dog owners have no difficulty making conversation with dog owners who are complete strangers. There is plenty to talk about. The dogs socialise as well and it is a great experience.
~~~~~~~~ The pooches are not allowed on the paved area as can be seen from the sign above.

They can be hitched to the fence.

Miss Eagle thinks that looks a bit sad -

but it can be closer to the owners in that section.

FootFoot (below) makes friends with those on the fence.

Miss Eagle and Herself asked to sit at the back of the paved area. There is lawn there. On the lawn area there are a few Adirondack chairs. Dog owners can sit there and tie the leash to the chair.

Below, is the beautiful Sebastian. A Beagle/Daschund cross. Sebastian is sitting in the treed area. This is an area with gnarled old seaside trees and loose soil underneath. The trees provide natural hitching posts for leashes and the loose soil is great for scratching.

Silver bowls are available and one can see owners with jugs of water busy tending to their pets' needs. This red setter was unsettled and did a fair bit of barking. Other dogs were more patient and settled. Herself and Miss Eagle attributed the setter's barking to its particular temperament.This labrador was a patient soul - even when his owner left.

Here is a smart and spoiled Jack Russell with his owner on an Adirondack chair.Her daughter sat across in another Adirondack with a beautiful and spoiled Poodle. This Scotch Terrier reminded Miss Eagle of Greyfriars Bobby.FootFoot was quite happy in the treed area. He is not often on a leash but he was quite patient. He was with the other dogs in exactly the same situation so Miss Eagle thinks that he knew he was cool and in with the others.

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