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Friday, May 18, 2007

The electronic Mrs Beeton: drama and text

It was shown in February in the UK and the USA gets to see it on Sunday night next. Let's hope the ABC bought it and it won't take too long to hit Aussie TVs. The Foodie of them all, Mrs Beeton, author of Mrs Beeton's Book of Household Management (available as an e-book here), has been the subject of a BBC drama. And a Melbourne Food Blogger, Cook (almost) Anything, has a link on the BBC site.


Lucy said...

Yes please. Love a Sunday night costume-drama-thingy.

One with food is even better.

Sara said...

Thanks for your comments over on my blog today. I've been doing a little exploring on your blogs - don't know how you keep so many of them going! However, just wanted to say, I saw this PBS production and it was fascinating...loved it! And I think about it whenever I see an old cookbook or advice to housewives book....

Miss Eagle said...

Thank you for visiting Sara. I have not yet seen the production but look forward to viewing it when it comes to the Land of Oz.

Blessings and bliss