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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The flaming Bundaberg Omelette and Beer Soup

The Old Foodie has to be everone's favourite foodie. To-day, though, she has a post to be remarked upon. Alcoholic beverages defining some unique foods. Beer soup reminiscent of Babette's Feast. But the one I am going to tuck away for future implementation is the Rum Omelette.
Miss Eagle is a bit surprised though, dear Old Foodie. As a Queenslander, you did not take the opportunity to specify WHICH Rum. This Queenslander-in-exile-in-Melbourne will rectify the matter: Bundy, of course.
And wouldn't this make a wonderful Queenslander State of Origin breakfast?


Lucy said...

Brilliant idea that omlette.

So, what would you recommend for the NSW team's breakfast?

Miss Eagle said...

A Hunter red, perhaps? Just don't think it would the mother's milk that Bundy is - nor would it put hairs on the chest of the Cockroaches.

The Old Foodie said...

I hang my head in shame for my oversight, Miss Eagle. Do forgive me. As penance I will endeavour to find a non-partisan recipe to celebrate the game. It will have to be a pie, I think.