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Monday, May 14, 2007

Dog-friendly restaurants, please?

Following on the post below, Miss Eagle is asking for information. If you know of dog friendly restaurants, bistros, bars, cafes, eateries, etc., dear Reader, could you please advise Miss E by emailing her off the sidebar? It would be a useful thing to compile a list of dog friendly restaurants in Melbourne and Victoria. North Point Cafe will be the first on the list.


Anonymous said...

hi, I agree with Miss Eagle, please someone list a "doggie friendly cafe listing" in melbourne surrounding areas.Excellent idea.

Miss Eagle said...

Thanks for your comment, virgy, and your visit to my blog. To-morrow, Wednesday, I expect to visit the North Point Pavilion and will check out current status. If the weather is fine, I will take FootFoot with me. He is a highly social being and is a petrol-head so he is a great guy to take out. If you hear of any more dog-friendly places, please advise.

Blessings and bliss

Craig said...

Hi Miss Eagle,
Really sad that this comment comes after your 2 guys have ascended the Furry Stairway to Heaven. But if anyone is still looking, we're starting up a website where people can find and share dog friendly cafes, restaurants and bars. It's called Doggy Dining ( And, Miss Eagle, there is even a place in Sydney called Chew Chew that has an organic pet menu, and serves cats after 2pm once the dogs have cleared the area!