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Animals Australia: the voice for animals
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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day, Rose and the Cupcake Tower

Miss Eagle hopes that everyone who cares for kids had a beaut day to-day.
Miss Eagle's present from Herself was a Cupcake Tower. Miss Eagle has been dreaming of this since first finding such a thing existed on Woofnanny's blog. A few weeks ago one was advertised in a catalogue. "No", Herself said. "Wait", she said, "until there is a shabby chic one." Miss Eagle agreed.
Then, last Thursday, Miss Eagle spotted THE shabby chic Cupcake Tower in the General Trader at Knox City. The result? Miss Eagle received one as her Mother's Day pressie.
The picture above is of Herself's decoration of the Tower complete with silicone patty pans in a variety of colours. The Cup/Fairy Cakes are still to come - but they are expected to hit the oven this week.
While photographing the tower, Rose turned up to turn it into a Feline Foto Shoot.

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