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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bloggers meet in Melbourne

Can I tell you that The Melbourne Weblogger Meetup Group is to have its very first meetup to-morrow night? Diarise it right now.

  • Details are: Date: Wednesday 23 May
  • Time: 6.30pm onwards (so those in the CBD can come straight from work)
  • Place: The Horse Bazaar Bar - 397 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne
  • Cost: nothing - buy your own drinks/coffee/food
Miss Eagle will be there and would love to meets lots of fellow bloggers.


Ed said...

I was only there a short time and missed meeting you - a shame. My Jack Russell looks like the tan one below and my foxy X like the grumpy looking B&W dog. Bizarre.

Miss Eagle said...

We did have two dogs but Trixie, our indulgent lady died suddenly three months ago. We now have one miniature Fox, FootFoot; one large cat, Rose; and one guinea pig called Rodney who is trying to grow up to be a wombat and is training to gnaw down an Amazonian rain forest. Sorry not to have gotten to know you Ed, but stay tuned - a blogger meeting (not through MeetUp and Darren) is being organised for the middle of June on a Sunday afternoon at Flagstaff Gardens. Will post the details in a day or two so stay tuned.

Gina E. said...

Now the Flagstaff gardens on a Sunday afternoon is a much more feasible proposition for me than a weeknight in town!

Miss Eagle said...

If the weather is good, it should be lovely. We have to stay tuned for alternatives if the weather is not doing its best