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Animals Australia: the voice for animals
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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A table and a couple of chairs...happiness

In a comment on this post, Val said that she thought tabling was Miss Eagle's forte. Below is something from the much beloved Michael Leunig. He seems to think tabling is rather important, too.


Lucy said...

He's very clever, isn't he Miss Eagle? Always manages to get just the right mix of warmth and humour.

Miss Eagle said...

Lucy, on Saturday afternoon, I was in a workshop facilitated by the indefatigible Veronica Brady. She used a Leunig cartoon and referred to him as St Leunig. I, too, frequently refer to him as St Michael. There are times when Leunig has been the word of God spoken into my life - and I don't mean that irreverently or blasphemously either! These really special ones have got the lamination treatment in the past but now I have a scanner!

Val said...

Ah yes, if only there were more sitting around tables, eating food grown and cooked with love, there'd be a lot more happiness in the world.