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Friday, July 13, 2007

Eating with our eyes

Over at Sylvia's place, she has mentioned in her comments about how she believes that we eat with our eyes. I am sure that most, if not all, of us would agree. However, it reminded me of a story from the long, long ago. My sister, The Director, was going out with a sophisticated and well-known man about town. But he was a plain eater. In a restaurant one night, his steak came decorated with capsicum to look like a cockscomb as well as some other culinary artistry. Man about town called the waiter back and said:
My compliments to the chef, but please get him to remove the guck.
Off went the waiter who was back rather promptly with the untouched plate:
Compliments of the chef, sir, but he wishes to say he believes we eat with our eyes.
Man about town replied:
Compliments to the chef, and tell him he's cooking for Helen Keller.


Val said...

Heh heh, I don't think the well known Director would appeal to me, but I appreciate his retort!

I agree that food should attract the eye but sometimes it can go over the top. A capsicum cockscomb? Might fit into the over the top category...

Hey Miss Eagle, do you know of a Swiss bakery in Ferntree Gully that makes those large soft pretzels? That's the rumor.

Miss Eagle said...

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Sylvia said...

Miss Eagle, thanks for the mention. I really think that we eat firt with the eyes ,second with the nose and finally with the mouth. And the three sense woud be perfectly equilibrate.In my point of view this is the key of the good food.

Gina E. said...

Agreeing with everything...when it come to choosing food when I'm out, my eyes are bigger than my stomach. Remember that cake cafe in Balaclava, Miss E?