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Monday, July 16, 2007

The salt of the earth

Some people like to tell us that salt is a white poison. They tell us of its effect on blood pressure. They tell us of the advantages of eliminating salt from our diet. But Miss Eagle has not parted with her salt cellar yet. It contains iodised salt, of course. Tess over at Anchors and Masts brought much to mind when she did this beautiful post on salt. You see, dear Reader, Miss Eagle grew up in Bowen at the northern end of the beautiful Whitsundays where Baz Luhrmann has been filming his latest movie, Australia, starring Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman. When Miss E left school at the ripe old age of 15, her first job was as a clerk-typist at the Bowen Salt Co., the reference for the mural above. The Bowen Salt Works is one of the first sights that tourists see when they enter Bowen. Great paddocks of sea water baking in the sun evaporating slowly into salt. In the Christian tradition, disciples are referred to by Jesus as the salt of the earth. He said that if the salt loses its taste, it very saltiness, how can it ever be restored and how shall food be salted. In a speedily changing world, Miss E wonders if a lot of saltiness has been lost, leaving us with parts of modern life which are completely vapid, tasteless.


Val said...

Interesting post, Miss Eagle. I hope that I will never have to give up salt (for health reasons). There can be a bit of a moral panic about people and their salt intake. You usually run into them in the supermarket, taking up the whole aisle while they read the labels. It's all I can do not to run into them at full tilt! Ditto people talking on their mobiles, also in mid-aisle, but don't get me started.

And why would people NOT buy iodised salt. I have often wondered why the other kind (table salt) is sold. Does it have some sort of advantage over iodised salt?

Love the mural.

Tess said...

Miss Eagle, thanks so much for the link to my post, and I'm glad to know about the connection for you with Bowen. I also love the mural.