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Friday, July 06, 2007

Pumpkin and Lemon Grass Scones

This post is for Teresa over at Honeycomb:
an American who loves scones and, in fact,
prefers them to what Americans call biscuits.
These are from the Boatshed in Ballarat.
They are Pumpkin & Lemongrass Scones.
The tip from The Boatshed is that when it comes to the Lemongrass
don't use too little and don't use too much.


Teresa said...

Greetings from America, Miss Eagle!

I have been in Texas, visiting my daughter and her three children as her husband is gone training with the Army for a month. I have been a bit out of touch. To answer your question, yes let's do stay in touch through comments. And, feel free to email me anytime, I enjoy hearing from you.

How nice of you to dedicate the Pumpkin Lemon Grass Scones post to me. It made me feel so special. Thank you.

I love pumkin and had thought I would make your Pumpkin Scones by, Lady Flo Bjelke-Petersen this autumn as that is when I typically make pumpkin recipes. But, I think I will make the Pumpkin Lemon Grass Scones this weekend. Do you think Lady Flo's recipe with some Lemon Grass added would be a good idea??

So good hearing from you,

Cindy said...

Mmmm, lovely. I have been thinking about savoury scones in this cold weather - served hot with a generous amount of butter melting on top!

Val said...

Oooh Miss Eagle, these look lovely, if a bit out of focus. Or is that my eyesight?

I am currently in the midst of pumpkin mania, having made a very naughty roast pumpkin dish, finished off in the last 20 minutes with a cup of cream and grated parmesan. Have another pumpkin in the pantry, might make a warm pumpkin salad with bacon.

Miss Eagle said...

You sight is good. I only took one photo at the counter as I was paying the bill - so it was quick and snappy. I prefer to place the word "soft" in front of focus rather than "out of" - smile -! I had to display it for Teresa. Love to hear of your pumpkin recipes. Will you be posting them? I love pumpkin - roast pumpkin is my favourite and I definitely don't like pumpkin soup.

Blessings and bliss

Miss Eagle said...

Teresa, you could try Lady Flo's recipe. Pumpkin Scones are usually made differently from other scones since they begin with creaming butter and sugar. This means they are a sweet scone. You could use other recipes but, since mashed pumpking is very moist, I suggest adding the pumpkin prior to adding any liquid.

Let's know the result.

Blessings and bliss

Sylvia said...

Mi first visit to your blog . I like very much.Intersting and with good recipes. Congrat.