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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Indulgence at Simon Johnson's Toorak store: spice, pasta, and haricot beans from Spain.

I was in Toorak yesterday and between appointments so what better way to while away some time but a nice browse in Simon Johnson's.  I have been in Melbourne nearly six years and haven't set foot in Simon Johnson's.  Years ago when in lived in Elizabeth Bay, I would visit the Woollahra store.

I loved this window setting.
The large bottle of Olive Oil looked like perfume, don't you think?
It was quite a surprise to find the oil beautifully centred
in the reflection of  two charming old Toorak buildings.

It was a lovely sunny Melbourne morning - for once in July - and I was offered a cafe latte (free).  The two women in the store were friendly and we chatted.  Very pleasant.  A feature of all Simon Johnson's stores is the Fromagerie  And this one was stacked and packed - and the wonderful cheesy aroma.  I stood in there and just inhaled!

I made some simple purchases.  An emblazoned Simon Johnson carry all, a jar of Christine Manfield Satay Spice Paste, a pack of Benedetto Cavalieri's cartwheel pasta, and a jar of  Monjardin organic white haricot beans all the way from Spain
The site of Conservas Artesanas El Navarrico of which Monjardin is a part is delightful..   The trip around the 'net, particularly to Spain, extended my simple and small shopping pleasure.  One request, Tucker lovers: there is scarcely a haricot bean recipe on the site without some animal flesh in it so I would like to take this opportunity to request your best suggestions and recipes for the haricot beans.  And while your at it, vegetarian satay and pasta dishes as well, please.  Let's have a party!  

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1 comment:

Samuel Walker said...

Harricot beans? Divine. my idea is the simplest the better with these delightful little creatures. Turn them into a white bean puree. Boil until the shells come loose and blend with garlic and olive oil until smooth.

Vegetarian satay is always a bit funny...closest you'll get is to prepare it in the Indonesian style and serve hot over raw vegetables and steamed rice. I'm not a fan, but i know perfectly respectable people who rave over it.

Vegetarian pasta sauce starts at neopolitana and goes down hill. Do not be tempted to add anything to it. Garlic, tomatoes done as passata, basil. That's it. Pour over and finish with olive oil. The other option is pasta alla norma, but usually you would serve that with strand pasta such as spaghetti or fettucini. Could be fun to try it with cartwheel pasta, if you try it let me know.