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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Convention, Melbourne : 25-27 July 2010.

Now perhaps this might look a bit specialised to you, Tucker-lovers, but I am posting it anyway because I thought it might be of interest.  I am the sort who thinks that an ounce of information is worth a pound of something or other. The story is that the Victorian Branch of the Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology is having their annual convention in Melbourne this month. You can find all the information you need over here including the downloading of the program.

Now I know that this is at the other end of the scale from those of us who want to sustain ourselves in our own patch and locality but I like to turn attention to what is happening in the mainstream to make good food and nutrition available to our kids and families at an affordable price irrespective on where in the wide brown land they live.  We cannot keep the good stuff accessible only as specialised offerings or things that we have to labour over when that process is not open to all in our society.  

So it is interesting to consider at what point the cross-over is made in the major distribution chains?  At what point is there a turning away from the processed stuff into a more whole and true food concept of what we consume and ingest?  I don't think I'll be going to the AIFST convention this year even if it is in Melbourne.  But if there are any intrepid Oz Tucker readers out there who are going, perhaps you could write a post-sized report for Oz Tucker, please and thank you.