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Monday, July 19, 2010

Ethics of Eating Meet Up - Melbourne Writers Festival : Friday 29 August 2010

Good Morning, Tucker Lovers,

I am inviting you to a Meet Up.  The Melbourne Writers Festival starts next month and I thought if any one is interested we could have a Meet Up at one of the programmed events and do coffee somewhere nice afterwards.  What do you thinK?  Interested?  The event I am suggesting is food relevant and, I am sure, will be of great interest.

 60 MINS
What does it mean to eat ethically?
Should we eat locally grown, in season,
GM/chemically free produce,
sold at the local farmer's market?
What is the place of the industrial food complex?
Join gourmet farmer, Matthew Evans
food sociologist, Gyorgy Scrinis
and journalist Margaret Simons to find out.

Friday August 27

ACMI Cinema 2

This is to be advised
Please forward suggestions

There is a cost for this event plus you will need some money for refreshments at a restaurant afterwards.  To purchase tickets for the event - and you should do this soon since some MWF events are already sold out - please follow this link.  Cost for early birds  is $18 full and $16.50 concession.  If you are a lucky one with a pass, you will have to book but you will enter your pass number.  When you have done all that, could you please advise me that you are coming by emailing me at misseaglesnetwork(at)gmail(dot)com.  If you have a food blog, please let me know just in case I haven't discovered you yet. 

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belinda said...

Sounds like a great idea I'll put it in my diary and see if I can russel up some other interested bodies.

Kind regards