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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Apologies for comments mix up : Big thank you to Belinda.

The post below about the Simon Johnson visit, unbeknowns to me, did not permit comments.  I am indebted to Belinda for emailing me with her recipe suggestion and advising me.   Recently, I updated my four blogs with the new Blogger templates.  Two blogs had comments on and two didn't.  Mystery, that!

So if any of you came and went away disappointed, please accept my apologies and  I hope you will have another go.  I have fixed the situation.  Unfortunately, the fix could only be applied to new posts not to old so I deleted yesterday's SJ post and re-posted it to-.  And here is what Belinda has to say.

hey there,

couldn't see the comment button on the tucker post so figured I would
email you directly

might give you some interesting ideas, not traditional by any means
but fun none the less

One link led to another and if you go here you will see  the one I am going to fiddle with - because I bought some satay sauce you will notice.  The recipe does its own satay thing but I will fiddle with it to include Christine Manfield's spicy sauce.   Stay tuned.


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