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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A flippin' good time ahead

Miss Eagle has been thrilled and much cheered, dear Reader, to receive a wonderful parcel from Lee-ann at Pear Tree Cottage! The story of the parcel began with perfidy of Herself who surreptitiously chucked out this wonderful implement which had been in use for forty years flipping pikelets and pancakes and folding air and flour in lovely light sponge cakes. Miss E was unable to locate a replacement spatula. They are not in kitchen shops or the kitchen section of supermarkets. Searches of opp shops in eastern Melbourne had not turned one up. Lee-ann, the opp shop aficionado, to the rescue all the way from country Victoria. Not only was there a spatula there was a set complete with long blade spatula, a masher, and an egg lifter. All in Miss E's old school tie colours! And don't they go well with Miss E's collection of T.G. Green's Cornish Blue. Now Lee-ann does not stint. Along with the spatula set came a beautiful card (standing), and - to help in the restoration of Miss E's health (she has been a sick old bird for quite a while) - the March 2007 edition of Romantic Homes, a favourite at The Trad Pad. The magazine came with its own tea-dipped tag. Lee-Ann is clearly a romantic herself.
Thank you Lee-Ann you - and your blog - are a blessing.
Miss Eagle wishes you and your Dearly Beloved well since you have had poor health experiences lately yourselves.


Gina E. said...

Miss Eagle: Sharon and I will be arriving at our pre-arranged destination around 11 am on Sunday, all going well. If we get delayed by traffic, weather, or getting lost, I will call you on your mobile! S. is on a strict diet, so won't be able to lash out on yummy food, and I am financially embarrassed at the moment, so a cuppa and a muffin would do us for lunch, if that is okay with you? I'd love to visit the pastry shop you mention here...

Miss Eagle said...

Now Gina diets don't bother (says she of the gastric lapband) and the financial embarrassment is a state I am familiar with and, after weeks away from work, understand the lack of finances. But that has never stopped Miss E having a good time. In fact, Miss E's point of view is that women of style and flair (and aren't we?) always act like there's a million bucks in their pockets. So we will be the opp shop millionaires, will we? I was considering doing lunch at The Trad Pad anyway. Could you please advise what can and can't be eaten by you an S.?

Lee-ann said...

((crying)) wish I could be there! want to be with you all!! can you please do it again and have me tag along??next time!!((cry))

You all have fun!! and photos please.

Miss Eagle the sponge looks yummo! so happy they arrived and that you liked them.

thinking of you all every moment on Sunday...Lee-ann

PS... don't tell me about your great finds right!!! ((crying again)) no just kidding tell me all when you get back.