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Friday, April 27, 2007

The domestic porfolio is being optimized. There has been some downsizing since Herself and Miss Eagle took up housekeeping together two and a half years ago but there is still far too much so further divestment is to take place next Saturday, April 28, at a garage sale. Don't wish to publish address details but if you are to be in the vicinity of Ferntree Gully next Saturday between 9am and 1pm email Miss E ahead of time for the details at miss.eagle@yahoodotcomdotau. Portfolio contents include:
  • Leadlight kitchen cabinet
  • Art - original art including Aboriginal Art - and Pictures
  • Couches
  • China
  • Furniture
  • Children's stuff including a lovel set of four old nursery rhyme pictures - just dreamy in the shabby chic nursery and wooden toys
  • Leaf blower/vaccuum
  • Garden pots and planters
  • Matchbox (and other brands) cars

This list is open-ended and there will be all sorts of interesting stuff.


Home Away from Home. said...

I hope your day goes well. LOL The hubby said, I can't go ;) Flying is just a wee bit too expensive and I don't own a water car. :) Hope you have a terrific weekend.

Miss Eagle said...

Patty, thank you. The day did go well. The promised rain did not eventuate which - while it is most needed - made it much easier. Our twelveyearold miniature fox terrier, FootFoot, loved it. He is a very social being and some of his neighbourhood friends who he goes out to when they walk past to get pats came and he got lots of pats - as well as attention from complete strangers as well. We sold quite a lot of stuff - one couple spent hundreds of dollars on our best stuff. As well, lots of other stuff went for nothing or really next to nothing as it went to good homes. But, Patty, we still had stuff left - and there is a lot of stuff we didn't get to putting out. Isn't that terrible! So I think we will have to do it again another day. But we have optimized - and freed up a lot of cupboard space. So there won't be as much to maintain and dust and store as before - and that is (as Martha says) a good thing.