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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Alimentary, my dear Reader

Miss Eagle has been thinking about the food and literature thread. Miss E loves a good word and a good story as much as good food and good wine. From Michael Hettich comes this poem:
The Chef
I can't help gleaming
as I marvel at the oysters
I gathered this morning
from the airport, for you—
because they are the muscle
of the ocean, the flavor
of tide, the life
inside my own body
and yours. Taste
with your whole mouth,
taste beyond yourself,
swallow the muck
of this brief eternity
and fill your body
with luck, and pleasure!
There is no other world.
—for David Bracha
This was discovered, dear Reader, by your correspondent in a journal of food and literature called Alimentum. The title is a Latin word meaning nourishment. So, for those in southern Australia, as the nights get chilly and the hoped for rains come and staying home with the ducted heating seems desirable feed your soul with the comfort food of fine food-related writing.

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Val said...

Thanks for this reading tip!