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Monday, January 17, 2011

There's more to cooking than 4 Ingredients. #food #cooking #4ingredients


Almost four years ago, I did a post in regard to the 4 Ingredients phenomenon. The phenomenon goes on - but I don't see the point.  If your great necessity is to make things quickly, then I don't think good food is your goal or your thing at all. Not that the good cook doesn't have to be able to prepare good food quickly from time to time. Reliance on speed and short cuts is not conducive to good food or good cooks.

Anyway, I have at last come across another person who calls into question the phenomenon. Melissa over at Frills in the Hills has written about it too.  If you want to get a handle on some good cookbooks by some cooks with long and great reputations, go over to the sidebar; scroll down to the tags/categories and click on "Books".  After a browse through that lot, you might get an idea of the difference between the great cooks and the goals of the authors of 4 Ingredients.
BTW, make sure you have a good browse around Melissa's blog while you are there. Well worth your time!


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