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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Now really...without salt?

Over at ABC Online: Latest Recipe, chef Daphne Beutal gives a recipe for "Simple Scones" taken from 4 Ingredients: over 340 quick, easy and delicious recipes using 4 or less ingredients by Kim McCosker and Rachael Bermingham .
Well, dear Reader, your Miss Eagle found it a bit surprising. Remember that popular item on this blog, the Lemonade Scones? That recipe is so simple but has two additional ingredients to the "Simple Scones": a pinch of salt and a dessertspoon of sugar.
Now your correspondent can get her head around (but her taste buds can't) sugarless scones...but no pinch of salt? Well, really.
Fancy narrowing down your recipes for publication by leaving out the salt - particularly a flour laden one. Miss E is left to wonder do the writers omit it from bread as well?


HomeFood said...

"Over 340 Quick, Easy & Delicious Recipes using 4 or less Ingredients"

Wouldn't that be "...using four or fewer..."?

Easy, delicious, illiterate!

(ref. no salt in scones: Low Salt and Clue Free!)

Chrissie's Cuisine Cove said...

I have just purchased this 4 Ingredients book at Angus & Robertson and the scones are fabulous! Who needs salt when it is clear they taste delicious without it? The ladies at our weekly afternoon tea thought they were delightful.

Another favourite was the Ultimate Macadamia Nut Tarts - both recipes (I have been told after emailing the 2 young Mothers who wrote the book to thank them) were submitted by an award winning chef.

Fewer, less... who cares as long as the recipes taste sensational which I can confidently say they do! Superb little book every bit worth of the $17.95 I paid for it.