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Saturday, July 30, 2011

 Last Sunday afternoon, a gracious friend of mine took me
to a High Tea at
 The afternoon was organised by an NGO called
As the name implies, the organisation works to assist
AIDS victims in South Africa.
 The hall at Stephen's was packed.
There was wonderful music from talented local people.
As well as my friend and her lovely family,
I also enjoyed the presence at our table of
St Stephen's vicar, Father David.
Each table had its own host.
The host (or hostess if you prefer) provided
all the beautiful napery and tableware.
I thought this was a great idea -
since it split so much of the organisation, responsibility and work.
Beverages, it should be noted, were not limited to coffee and tea!
I did enjoy the champers in beautiful fluted glasses -
and the flowers and chocolates, too.
I think the afternoon was a marvellous social success.
I am sure the hard work was rewarded, as well, with financial success.
Thank you, Australia Aids South Africa.

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