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Thursday, October 07, 2010

Tweeting our Tucker

Slashfood tweet
Thanks to Jeroxie I now know something else that Twitter is for.  Over at Slashfood they are reporting on The World’s First Twitter Cookbook.
Apparently some of the tweeted recipes put up by the tweeps need a bit of decoding.  Pop over to the Twitter site of Maureen Evans to get the gist of a Twitter coded recipe or three.
Here’s an example.  It is for Whisky Applies.
Whisky Apples: Boil2c h2o&sug; +4c slicdapple/cinnstick. Simmr4m; rmv apple to 4 8oz jars. Boil syrup 5m; +½c whisky. Fill jars; boil5m.
What it says is:
  • Boil 2 cups of water and sugar
  • Add 4 cups of slice apple together with a cinnamon stick
  • Simmer for 4 minutes
  • Remove apple and place in four 8oz jars
  • Boil syrup for 5 minutes
  • Add half a cup of whisky.
  • Fill jars. 
  • Boil for 5 minutes.
Simple really.  Tisn’t it amazing what can be put in 140 characters/spaces or less.  Clever Maureen.  Cleve Tweeps.  See what you can do, Tucker Lovers
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Red Nomad OZ said...

That's amazing! But I wonder what the advantages to Twitter recipes are? Just because there's fewer characters doesn't necessarily make them good recipes?? And I guess there'll always be recipes that CAN'T be tweeted - apparently the original recipe for Peking Duck ran to 5000 words!

Happy travels!

Adventures in Australia

penny aka jeroxie said...

It is pretty amazing to have a recipe in 140!