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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Alice Waters and Australian women foodies - ancient and modern

I have just come across here a marvellous article by Tom Philpott acknowledging women's role in the sustainable food movement.  He mentions Alice Waters, she of great fame and pictured above, along with other influential women.

This set me to thinking of great female Australian foodies and I offer up a small but not all selection.  Tucker Lovers may forward their own contributions and favourites. Perhaps not all are as politically astute and culturally sensitive as Alice and the younger ones are yet to fully develop for us to assess their mark on the nation's culinary tastes and knowledge.  But here goes....

The first is the woman to whom this blog is dedicated, Amy Schauer.  One can find references to and recipes from Miss Schauer in this blog here.  And then there is a wonderful mixture ...

From top left clockwise:

The one who is impacting me most at this point in time is Poh. Poh is a multi-talented bright spark.  What really endears her to me is her love (and that of her aunties) for Nonya food.  I have found Nonya food little known among Australians.  However, long ago in the last part of the 20th century, I was living in the Northern Territory.  A couple of times a year, I used to go to Darwin and the place I stayed at on Daly Street had a restaurant named Victoria's (is it still there??) which specialised in Nonya food.  I loved it. Clay pots, spicy, different.  The meals at Victoria's were the highlight of the trip and live long in the memory - and Poh helps me to relive the memory of that food.


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