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Friday, March 16, 2007

Treat your tastebuds: The Yang Yang

Looking for somewhere different to go food shopping in Melbourne to-morrow? Miss Eagle's favourite place is the Yang Yang in the Food Market at Box Hill Central. The Yang Yang is fascinating and so are the people who shop there. Not many Anglos but Chinese, nationals and ethnic; Vietnamese; Philippinos; Indians and Uncle Rhajiv and all can be seen at the Yang Yang. Fresh vegetables like you will never see at Woolworths and Coles; all sorts and varieties of rice; crockery; and all sorts of things, packaged and canned, that will make you wonder what on earth they're for and maybe you will invest in yet another Asian cookbook. And they usually have white carrot cake for a tasty snack.
Box Hill has a large Chinese population and the food market at Box Hill Central is clearly geared to that demographic - although there are plenty of retailers catering to the Standard Australian Diet.
The eateries are good and there is a great variety. And a stall in the main court sells Bubble Tea! Treat your tastebuds!

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