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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Alla Wolf Tasker convinces me about the sort of food obsession we really need

Am listening to/watching this:
IQ2 Debate: 

 This is a must and thoughtful watch.
I particularly enjoyed the contribution of Alla Wolf Tasker
who runs The Lake House down the road at Daylesford
I try to be an ethical consumer - have done for more than forty years.
I try to support local producers and processors and jobs.
I try to support the smaller business rather than corporatisation.
After listening to Alla, I am going to become even more quality conscious.
I am prepared to spend a little more of my limited income on quality and local.
While I am not an admirer of all things French,
I do admire the relationship there between consumer and producer.
If only Australia would.
I am including below a paper which is not connected to the above
but may be of interest to Tucker Lovers:


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