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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A taste of heaven - but a dog of a drought!

Jeanna over at Wisconsin Candy Dish in Green Bay Packers country has one of the evil-est blogs on the 'net. It is wicked and I somehow kinda-sorta think that she will go for almost anything which is illegal, immoral or fattening! Now she is telling the world that June is Dairy Month.
Well, then Jeanna have I got some news for you.
Only I can't send you any of this stuff to confirm my good taste -
like with the Tim Tams.
King Island Dairy issues forth products of the most delectable and absolute luxury. If they were handbags you would find them at Louis Vuitton. As it is, I only have to pop up to my favourite supermarket, Maxi in the Ferntree Plaza in Upper Gully.
King Island Dairy is situated on remote and isolated King Island which is situated in a gutter of water - between Victoria on the Australian mainland and Tasmania, Australia's southernmost state - named Bass Strait. Bass Strait lies between the Great Southern Ocean and the Tasman Sea. In other words, it sort of separates the Indian Ocean from the Pacific Ocean - or at least provides part of the route between the two. So it is a watery, windy place.
I put together, assemble, concoct the most simple and taste-bud luxuriating dessert with King Island Dairy products. For two of us, I take a pack of Toffee Caramel and a pack of Belgian Chocolate and a pack of Pure Cream. Needless to say, the 400 gram pack is the pick. Then I split them between the two of us in a nice bowl: one big dollop or half a pack of Belgian Chocolate on one side of the bowl and the same of Toffee Caramel on the other side of the bowl. On top and in the middle, one big dollop or half a pack of Pure Cream. Repeat for other person. As you eat you gently mix all three together or alternate cream and BC and cream and TC.
Then recline on your beautifully soft cushion
and you will know what heaven feels like.
However, I close this post on the saddest of sad notes. In recent times, I have not been able to purchase any King Island Dairy desserts or cream at my local supermarkets. And here is why. You may have heard that Australia is in drought - the longest and most severe drought in living memory. Here is one result of it. This is sad - but unfortunately, dear Reader, there are worse stories than this.


Jeanna said...

Hey B., don't do this to me, I'm already up to my arse in ice cream. And June is over now, sigh.
I have a lot of catching up to do with you I see.

Miss Eagle said...

Hey, Jeanna to-night is the State of Origin decider. I have the Bundy Rum and Pepsi Max in to help me cheer on Queensland against New South Wales. Perhaps late to-night or to-morrow morning I will have something to say about it over at The Eagle's Nest at

I also expect that Jeanie in Paradise at will have something to say too. When she bleeds, she bleeds Maroon - like moi!

Please say your prayers that King Island Dairy can have enough of the wherewithal to make their delightful desserts.

Blessings and bliss