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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Prayer & Pots; handles & holders - and op shopping

Now, I really don't use pot holders. And I've never made one. I either use the space age oven mitts which were a birthday present from The Director (my sister), pictured below, or I quickly grab a tea-towel. But, when I saw these at my favourite op shop, I had to bring them home. Who knows? Part of a gift package, a decorating item? But they are cute - particularly the embroidered one.
These oven mitts withstand temperatures of 300 degrees Celsius.
And I have found this prayer by Leunig which just seems to fit:
We give thanks for the invention of the handle.
Without it there would be many things we couldn't hold on to.
As for the things we can't hold on to anyway,
let us gracefully accept their ungraspable nature and
celebrate all things elusive, fleeting and intangible.
They mystify us and make us receptive to truth and beauty.
We celebrate and give thanks.

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