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Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Frangipani: inspiration for a Pie

One of the most beautiful flowers of the Tropics is the Frangipani, the Plumeria. The Frangipani comes in a range of colours - apricot, pink, magenta - but the sweetest of all is the traditional yellow tinged white. Miss Eagle, though now living in the foothills of the beautiful Dandenongs in Melbourne, Victoria, is a born and bred Queenslander. Her earliest experience of the Frangipani was at her grandparents' home in Wilston in Brisbane. There was a huge Frangipani where she used to spend hours thinking and playing. Now that she lives in the c-o-o-o-l climes of the Temperate Zone she makes do with pictures and memories. Out of those memories came a hunger for Frangipani Pie. The Frangipani Pie comprises three layers - not counting the crumbed biscuit base and the meringue on top. The first layer is a milky coconut flavour, the second is pineapple, and the third is more of the first.
Herself worked yesterday afternoon and when she came home to Frangipani Pie it brought back childhood memories. In the 70s and 80s, one couldn't go far without bumping into a Frangipani Pie but they don't seem to be as prevalent these days. Frangipani Pie is just s-o-o Queensland. Miss Eagle ensures, as far as possible, that her fruit and vegetables - fresh and canned - are Australian and, coming from Queensland, she has a high level of commitment to Golden Circle products.

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Lee-ann said...

Miss Eagle you have jogged my memory I have not made this pie since I lived in Papua New Guniea in the 70s gosh I must get back to making it again.

Thank you so very very! kindly for your wonderful comments on my blog and please go back to your spatula post I have left a message for you :o)

May I add you to my favourites if that is ok I would like to visit you often as I too feel we have much in common and blogger friendship is such a nice thing isn't it.

have a great day.