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Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Speaking of spuds 1: road testing the Russet for chips (not fries. Le's speak Oz!)

Further to the post below about the Bridge Mall Market last Saturday, 
I want to speak about spuds.

Please go to Poh's Kitchen on the link above to discover
the range of potatoes available in Australia

I purchased some Russet potatoes from a family stall - mum, dad and all the kids enthusiastically explaining the virtues of the great variety of spuds on sale.  The Russet is not on Poh's list linked above. I usually purchase an unwashed general type of potato such as the Sebago. The recommendation from the potato stall was that the Russet was excellent for chips.  So I tried them out and found them rather especially good for chips.

 I don't usually peel potatoes.
I scrub them.
Above are the scrubbed and sliced russets, ready for cooking.

The russet chips frying in virgin olive oil.

Here is some of the finished product.
The russet chips came up wonderfully good.
Crisp on the outside but neither too soft nor too mushie on the inside.
I highly recommend the russet.
Perhaps Poh might find some and see if she can confirm my judgment.

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