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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bacchus Marsh fruit & veg shopping - and the yummiest vegetable pies

Tripping back from Melbourne to Ballarat on Sunday
I did a detour through beautiful little Bacchus Marsh
and I couldn't resist pulling up at this fruit stall and doing some shopping.


I purchased some of Grandpa's huge tomatoes -
they originated in Macedonia just like Grandpa!

I bought lots of fruit and veges
which became a huge bowl of fruit salad and two vegetable pies.
The vegetable pies are just chocka with veges and herbs
and are absolutely scrummy!

Below is a picture of the pies - please note the retro Chef Starfire stove.
What is not clearly visible are the Flying Kangaroo motifs on the pie lids.

Inspiration for the pies in my lovely brown enamel pie dishes
came from seeing a recent River Cottage program
where Hugh made pies in enamel (blue and white) pie dishes for some mums.
Hugh's pies were not vegetarian.

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