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Monday, August 16, 2010

Bias in the kitchen as discovered by The Wheeler Centre

This book accompanied The Australian Women's Weekly
March 8 1967.
Have just discovered that I blogged about this book
here over four years ago. And there is a recipe there too.

Bias in the kitchen as discovered by The Wheeler Centre here in Melbourne.   The Wheelers  have a lot to say about the Top 50 Best Cook Books as listed by The Observer.

As Tucker Lovers know, Miss Eagle does not stand on ceremony and Posh Nosh is not really her thing unless it can be brought to manageable household proportions and method.

I learned to cook in Domestic Science classes as the Bowen State School.  Added a bit more to the repertoire when I had to cook meals for everyone when I was on night duty at the Bowen Hospital.  But the real crunch, for most of us, comes when we marry and have a family and we have to learn, produce, and budget meals day by day, week by week, month by month, year in and year out.  We balance likes and dislikes, time and reality.  So my two nominees are never going to make it on to The Observer list but I need to express my undying and unflagging gratitude to them.

  1. Coming in at Number 1 is Miss Amy Schauer and her Schauer AustralianCookery Book.  No surprises there, eh, Tucker Lovers.  
  2. I am also indebted to The Australian Women's Weekly Test Kitchen Team/s.  In his review of Kitchen, Benjamin Christie says: Many of you would have grown up with those thin 60 page Woman’s Weekly cookbooks in your kitchen. Well, I am so antique that I precede those.  I come from a period when the books (and their were craft books as well which taught me to knit for babies, toddlers and children - yes my skills grew with the kids thanks to The Weekly) were rectangular affairs of about 14 pages stapled into the inside of The Weekly - which really was a weekly back then, not a monthly as now.  I kept heaps of these for many years but eventually, after shifting around half Australia, I parted with them.  I still have a couple which are not just yellow but brown with age and the pages are decidedly tattered.  And I just remembered, after the rectangular affairs came a sort of B5 size one which was sophisticated by comparison.


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