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Friday, December 19, 2008

Water: it's a no-brainer

If you click on the pictures below,
they will be enlarged and
you can read their vital message.
If there is one thing
more important to species on this planet
- and that includes human beings -
than food,
Water is shaping up to be the activism issue of 2009.
In Victoria,
three water focussed groups,
have coalesced into the
people are beavering away
to establish a nationwide organisation,
Ordinary people are looking on in amazement
at how governments are managing water.
They wonder how
their communities and their livelihoods will fare.
Insufficient consultation is a glaring deficiency.
We are left to wonder, in some instances, whether
corporations or individual post-politics careers
are influencing decisions -
not communities.
There is no clear indication that
either the Victorian or Australian governments
recognise WATER as part of The Commons.
There is little indication that
decisions are being made on water as a human right.
In Victoria,
activism on water has been a regional affair -
with visits to Melbourne
to rally outside Parliament in Spring Street.
Melbournians have been
installing water tanks and solar panels,
growing their own veges,
and harvesting grey water.
Their is much good will
which the Victorian government is not building on.
In 2009, the Victorian Government
might awaken one day
to find that
the activism of the bush and the surf has come to town.

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