Animals Australia: the voice for animals

Animals Australia: the voice for animals
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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Seasons of the Soul: Advent 1 2008

From website,

We are being called into a new place and our creativity is being placed at the service of Earth, in a new millennium and a new moment.

There is an awakening of deep energy, for embracing the interconnectedness of the whole life community and finding the place of the human within this community.

Living within the Divine Mystery, we celebrate the sacredness of all beings and the integrity of all creation.

Drawing on the wisdoms of our past, we are moving into new expressions of our response to the creation: 'groaning in one great act of giving birth'.

We seek to learn new ways, widening our horizons, believing in a possible dream, touching into our deepest experience to give and to receive life.


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