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Wednesday, August 06, 2008


To-day is the Feast of the Transfiguration. Three years ago, the fruit tree beside my home office window was covered in blossom (the picture is from 2005) but my fruit trees have very few blossoms at this time and my magnolia seems to have blossom as a permanent condition since they have been there so long without flowering.

In the Northern Hemisphere, Easter coincides with new life in nature. In the Southern Hemisphere, Easter happens in Autumn when the leaves are falling and nature prepares for Winter.

I love the Feasts but, on those occasions when we observe those that are not Easter and Christmas, I think we talk about them in a way which does not give any depth to the experience. I think that, in the main, this is how the Transfiguration is treated.

The Transfiguration was a supernatural event intervening in the natural order of things. It was transforming and predictive of the new life to come. Just like the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing at this time. How wonderful then if people in the south of the globe could take this great season of the soul and transform it to mirror the wonder of regeneration that is happening in the environment. We could then experience both the transfiguration of our environment and of our spirits.

But I do have one question.

All good feasts deserve the best, most celebratory, most evocative food. Imagine: if we celebrated the Transfiguration what food would we serve? What would our hospitality provide? And if we gave gifts, what would we give? What would we give that turns our hearts to the spirit, to creation and away from commercialism? Please have a think and let me know.

The Transfiguration Lyrics


Denis Wilson said...

From Robertson, this lyric stands out:
"Lost in the cloud, a voice: Lamb of God! We draw near!"
Sorry if it means an animal sacrifice, (but there are many historical precedents, of course), but you meal must include Spring Lamb! Roast potatoes on the side would be good.
And a desert with rich custard over a steamed pudding, with fresh thick cream - all local produce.
Denis - on a cold, cloudy day - in need of warm tucker.

Miss Eagle said...

Denis, you are a dreadful man. You are teasing me horribly, aren't you? I don't know which is worse the dreadful Lamb of God stuff or killing the Lamb that blooms in the spring, tra-la! On both items, you knew you would be pushing my buttons. But if I was going to be offended, then I should have thought more carefully instead of leaving myself wide open shouldn't I? (Smile) But then again carnivores have to eat, don't they? That's me digging back. So perhaps there should be a carnivore menu and a vegetarian menu with a vegan option?

And you make the weather sound awful up in Robertson. At least it was sunny at UFTG to-day even though still chilly. Heaven knows, though, what the morrow will bring!

Blessings and bliss

Denis Wilson said...

Well, as you admitted, you left your blog open to the idea.
I'm cool with an optional menu, incl. vegan - as long as I don't have to eat tofu!