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Friday, February 15, 2008

Permaculture - the way to go

Cabin in Lee's Harmony Garden, Upper Ferntree Gully, Victoria

I want to take you for a stroll through the Harmony Gardon of my friend Lee here in Upper Gully. It seems timely. My long-time blogging friend from San Diego, California, Woofnanny has left a comment on my previous post. She is about to start her first garden! Her very first! Isn't that exciting? You can see my comments in reply. Lee is a believer in permaculture as am I. But Lee is a qualified permaculture designer - whereas my knowledge is picked up from Permaculture 1 and 2, hearing Bill Mollison speak in the long, long ago, and visiting various websites - not least of which is David Holmgren's.

Lee's garden is on a suburban block not far off the highway as you travel up into the Dandeong Ranges.

She has a large backyard - a few times bigger than mine.

Her front and backyards are intensively planted - and even her footpath has a garden.

Lee's garden is eclectic and highly individual - and, in some ways, quirky. She is generous in showing her garden to the public and has raised a lot of money for charity. Ran into her the other day taking some plants home to put in the boot! Lee has two laundry tubs (short that sit in a cabinet in the laundry) full of worms! Sam (above) walking the plank. So Woofnanny - I hope you have as much fun as Lee and I do, each of us with ours. In a garden there is always change and always something to be done and something to be discovered.

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homespun living said...

Gorgeous gardens, and I love those pink roses! These wonderful pictures have got me itching for spring!