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Monday, December 03, 2007

Water, water everywhere in the Outer East.

The previous post was talking about our lack of water and water restrictions. Clearly, a day is a long time in weather and climate. This afternoon, there was no shortage of water in the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Huge downpours this afternoon and flash flooding all over the place. For the first time in three years, the creek in front of our house is full and flowing: flowing fast, in fact.


lindsaylobe said...

Wasteful! I recently set up small vegies patch in our back yard, using permi principles. Wet news paper over the soil after preparation and then sugar cane mulch, which now seems to hold the moisture.

Best wishes

Miss Eagle said...

The garden appreciated the storm rains of eight days ago - and some more would be so nice. Lindsay you will have to blog some photos of your vegie patch. Is the sugar cane mulch bagasse? As a North Queenslander, one is aware of bagasse. Although what people in the north find is that results are great in year 1 and but all the nutrient is utilised in that one go. So in that sense is not the best return for the labor invested. But the product you are using may well be quite different. We were going to do a no dig garden but that did not happen. So I dug and then covered the beds with compost. During the year I feed my compost: some manure here, a bit of lime there, some left over potting mix as well. Since planting I have also used some seaweed fertiliser and I give the occasional dose of Charlie Carp. Am a bit concerned that a couple of tomoto plants have some curling leaf and am seeking advice from a local permaculture designer. She seems to think it could be a mineral deficiency but will check it out further. I gave a few tomato bushes with fruit so expect to have tomatoes for Christmas. Hope to hear more of your food patch.

Blessings and bliss

lindsaylobe said...

As suggested I posted a picture of our vegie patch on my blog. I will extend it soon. The mulch is made from the tops and leaves of the sugar cane.

Best wishes to you for christmas.