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Monday, June 04, 2007

Miss Schauer's Tomato Pancakes

A Trad Pad crop
Towards the back of The Schauer Australian Cookery Book is a recipe for Tomato Pancakes. Miss Eagle had never discovered it before. It is tucked away with a lot of other batter type recipes. The Tomato Pancakes are rather scrummy. You, dear Reader, can eat a pancake on its own or serve it with other stuff. Miss Schauer suggests serving it with grilled bacon. This did not appeal to Miss E's vege heart but it went down very nicely, thank you, with buttered mushrooms and caramelized onions.
Sift 1 1/2 cups of self-raising flower with 1/2 teaspoon salt, pinch of pepper. Beat an egg for 5 minutes, add small cup of milk, good 1/2 cup of tomato pulp with 1 level teaspoon of sugar mixed through, and 1 small finely-minced onion. Gradually beat through flour till smooth. Drop tablespoon quantities into smoking fat in pan, cook till golden brown on both sides, drain.
  • Miss E started with the idea of doing things traditionally and seared her tomato over a gas flame and peeled the skin off after plunging in cold water.
  • However, minced onion! Out came the food processor and she proceeded from there with everything mixed together in the processor.
  • Remember this is batter and you can choose the consistency that suits you: very runny, thicker, or the Goldilocks variety...just right. So adjust flour and liquid to suit your requirements.
  • Miss E took the option of a larger pancake because this was part of a meal, so a tablespoon would not do.


Val said...

We don't have a food processor, but rely on the bamix and the Borner slicer gadget to do almost everything. The latter ( especially great for reducing onions, carrots and even cabbages to slices and smaller in less than a minute. And much easier to wash too.

Miss Eagle said...

Val, that equipment sounds like it can handle a batter as well. When Miss Schauer mentioned mincing the onion, do you really think she meant to get out that big metal mincer that would clamp on the end of the kitchen table - just for an onion?

woof nanny said...

How fascinating. The tomatoes are heavy on the vine right now...I may have to try this. When in doubt, I'm all about the bread, lol.