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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Knox Farmers Market

Miss Eagle is ambivalent about Farmers Markets.
Since Farmers Markets arrived on the scene in their current form in the late 90s, they have had a great impact. Farmers Markets provide an outlet direct to the public for growers and producers - particularly for those growers and producers with new products and innovative ways of doing things.
But what does that mean for better food and ethical eating? A lot of the food is still reliant on the slaughter of animals. Organic meat is still slaughtered flesh.
And if your expectation is that all food/products will be organic: 't'aint necessarily so. Some is, some isn't. But the intent is there to provide high quality food, reasonably priced (not necessarily cheaper), to the consumer in a direct relationship with the grower/producer.
This intent is probably the best thing about Farmers Markets - if, and only if, it helps both the consumer and the grower/producer to ask questions about their food/products.
Miss Eagle likes the direct involvement. One of the problems with modern food production is that consumers in general haven't a clue about how their food is produced and how it comes to their plates. Karl Marx highlighted the alienation of workers from the means of production. Modern food production highlights the alienation of consumers from the production of their sustenance.
Even at a Farmers Market the consumer still needs to be aware and questioning. Take the opportunity to have a conversation with those selling you your food. Your conversation could lead to better and healthier food for all of us.
Boronia Rotary Club organises the Knox Farmers Market at Wantirna Primary School, Melbourne. The next market is on 16 December.

The Knox Farmers Market was formerly at St Joseph's in Boronia Road. The new venue means everything is well laid out and last Saturday was a beautiful sunny and cloudless day after a week of extremely cold and unseasonal weather.

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