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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Deprivation leaves scars

Shauna over at Cooking with Ginger reports on how the Mothership kept only healthy food in the house. This brought back memories for me. I get a hard time from my 30 something and 40 something kids. Thick slices of homemade wholemeal bread in school lunches. The plastic garbage bins in the kitchen with wholemeal flour and raw sugar. But there was the greatest child abuse of all - Coco Pops deprivation. The cereals in our house were Vita Brits, Weet Bix, Corn Flakes, Rice Bubbles and Uncle Toby's Oats. Coco Pops (their favourite) and Fruit Loops were treats for Christmas and Easter. Even now, Coco Pops puts in an appearance in my daughter's pantry. Oh, the scars of deprivation!

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Susan in Italy said...

Oh yeah. But you kow you did right by them. I felt abused too by my Mom who only let me put honey on my whole-wheat cereal. The worst thing was not being able to bring a gimmick toy from the cereal box to school like the other kids. I, of course am now grateful.