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Animals Australia: the voice for animals
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Monday, January 30, 2006

The crop is coming in...

My tomatoes are really starting to crop now - with all the heat and rain. I have three tomato plants which spread themselves everywhere and I have to stake, and stake, and stake them to keep them up off the ground. The three tomato plants include two heirloom varieties - the yellow tomato, the little Black Russian, in addition to the popular Don Burke Italian variety. The Black Russians aren't really black, except when they are photographed. They are a very dark red with the top part of the fruit being on the way to black. I have discovered that the yellow tomato should not be put in a bowl with navel oranges - until you get close you can't tell them apart. Homegrown tomatoes are wonderful and flavoursome. You can use plenty of compost or organic fertiliser and not use inorganic chemicals and pesticides. And, with growing them, comes a sense of virtue and achievement. Posted by Picasa

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