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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What is that fish you are eating? Where does it come from? Answers are available ... see below

If you'd like to make sure you're eating seafood sustainably, we have just the thing for you with the release of our one-stop-shop sustainable seafood guide plus eCookbook The Good Fish Book. You can joyfully exchange $15* for a crisp copy of the eBook hot off the (e)press via our online store here.

What's inside?

The Good Fish Book is perfect if you're looking for an easy-to-follow guide to sourcing, preparing and enjoying sustainable seafood. If you're confused about which fish to buy, sick of eating the same old varieties and want to save money, this eBook is for you.

Inside you'll find:
·   22 delectable and sustainable seafood and veggie-full recipes from celebrated chefs and personalities including Sarah Wilson, Tom Kime and Mark Jensen
·   Our 9 favourite sustainable seafood species with short video instructions for prepping them, including how to fillet fish, de-beard mussels, clean calamari and other such slimy tasks
·   A quick-reference Switch Your Fish guide, showing you how to substitute common and overfished species with their sustainable alternatives
·   Fast Fishy Facts – an easy-to-understand low-down of the issues
·   Links to handy online resources including a Sustainable Seafood Supplier directory and more.
*All proceeds from book sales support our national & international Projects.

To BUY NOW or take a SNEAK PEEK, visit our online store here.

Thank you and we hope your taste buds enjoy The Good Fish Book.

Bon apetit
The Sustainable Table Team